Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Scripted plants

Tethered Plants
Originally uploaded by Snowy Hoobinoo
After playing with some kinetic scripts and plants/flowers there was an idea that I had sketched (more doodled) a while back of flower heads being tethered to a rooted base.
I had the idea after coming across a couple into bondage, the mistress was leading her slave around by the collar with a chain link that appeared to sag in the middle and had physics. After looking all over for a tether script I went back to the source and went on the hunt for a bondage tether script, and guess what?! There's a whole group dedicated to bringing open source bdsm equipment to the SL masses (just search for opensource bdsm), anyway one collar and it's script later and a few hours messing with it I managed to come up with the above. I really wanted to sort out a nice hover script for the flower heads, I tried the swarm scripts but they all sort of clumped together, the ones in the video are controlled using an RC helicopter script!

The point of all this is that I wanted to create a serious of kinetic and interactive plants/tree's and flowers that provide a base that can be built and layered up to produce some really stunning nature pieces in SL, at some point i'll box all these up and make them available, hopefully someone might pick them up and really run with it..


  1. hmmm....excellent...yes, its all got to come together a bit at a time. We have whole ecosystems to build, but its great to make all these small steps. Its how nature built up such great complexity, thro this kind of progess.
    well done, its far beyond my simple skills.

  2. Ah, I wouldn't say that, i'm simply the master of cut and paste, but I really like the concept of virtual nature evolution. I wonder if any other virtual worlds have gone down the same path (although there are few with content creation).