Sunday, 19 April 2009

Kinetic Tree's

Fluid Tree
Originally uploaded by Snowy Hoobinoo

While looking into the organics and movements of squid I was playing around with a few prims and scripts to try and replicate these movements in SL. The original idea was to use these across a plane to create the idea of a moving mass along the land but once I got it all moving it just looked so out of place that I had to use them in other structures.
So I decided to form them together into this tree structure, i've been wanting to produce kinetic trees and plants for a fair while but couldn't find the movement I wanted. This is almost exactly what I wanted, the concept of a tree that's constantly writhing, always reforming itself.It's a little script heavy at the moment (about 30 odd!) and needs refining, i'd really like to get the tree to randomly rez itself. 
While I was looking at the finished tree I decided to have a play at filming too, I was suprised at how easy it was! using xfire and windows movie maker I was able to knock up a quick vid of the tree in minutes.

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  1. Hey Snowy - love the idea of the writhing tree - I can see all sorts of bodies entwined here and pushing and pulling against each other - (in an Angst ridden way not a rude way, I hasten to add). Have you ever read any of Clive Barker's short stories - there's one about a pair of rival villages that form two giants using their bodies by making intricate human pyramids - then they have a massive fight (as the giants) - needless to say it doesn't end well - anyhow, this is what this tree puts me in mind of - a tree made from human bodies