Tuesday, 12 May 2009

I'm not dead yet...

....but I seem to have lost all my impetus in SL, i'm still logging on and exploring/building etc but it feels like i'm going through the motions on autopilot. Nothing for me to worry about though, this happens every few months, I stray away to other things and come back slowly. 

Moss and Lichen Plants on Rock wall. 

You see I have this state of mind that fixates itself on a subject or a form and won't let go until the objective or image has been finished, it's frustrating because I can't concentrate on ANYTHING else during this time. At the moment it's technology or I should say a particular item that's caught me, stopping me sleep at night, that I have to learn about inside out outside in before it eventually runs out of my system, or I buy or my mind catches itself on another fancy.

Lilium Flower

Luckily for me there are ways around this that help make daily life a lot more easier, SL helped a lot with the continuous idea of building nature, the background line that I explore there helps me keep a balance in what I do when I log on, instead of standing around.... 

Light through the forest

The other is art in RL, painting really helps as I completely switch off for up to hours at a time, so lately i've been doing this and hopefully moving into some new media and textures soon.

People buy the oddest things.


  1. well, Snowy, I know exactly what you are talking about. I think that the sort of near continuous creativity that some people live forces us to move in cycles thro different media and outlets. I have never really worried about putting away the paint brushes or the jewellery...I know they will come out again, similarly with SL... sometimes I can create something good every day, other times it may take me a few weeks to finish one piece. Currently I'm watching a lot of tennis....:)))

  2. Snowy you are wise not to worry and accept that other avenues can take the place of SL periodically. Specially since you have produced some lovely work, I particularly like the moss & lichen one. Summer evenings never seem make for conducive SL time, so I'd just enjoy the daylight instead.