Friday, 10 April 2009

Meat Landscape

A while ago someone gave me some art magazines they were throwing out to flick through, among the articles were a few pages on the artist Paul Emsley and his amazing water colour paintings of Rhino's, in the interview they described how he approached these paintings as landscapes. 

White rhino by Paul Emsley

This got me to thinking as to how I might be able to transfer this technique in reverse towards creating a work in SL, by taking photo's of parts of my body and using these as textures for a landscape scene.

Build based on fingers and knuckles

The result is a very alien almost obscene look to all the plants and parts of the scene, while I kept all the usual repetition/symetrics and based each part of the build loosely on a RL concept (such as fingers)  the textures add a new layer that helps change the viewers perception.

Overall i've tried to link myself to my work in a macabre way which is what i've been looking at doing for a long time.
This was origionally meant as a temporary experiment and so has no permanent place to really expand upon the theme, though for the time being you can find it under the Brooklyn is watching sim here for a short time.

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