Monday, 6 September 2010

Teleport Home

Strange event for me, I decide to go to the UWA august awards, set my alarm for one in the morning and go to bed...I catch the last five minutes after crawling up at twenty past the hour. There's a DJ on afterwards and a large crowd, only i'm not in the mood for either, it was great to be a part of UWA if only for just the smallest of moments but now is not the time... I lean back and hit Teleport Home.

A wash of morning light floods through the garden, along the walls and down past the cylindrical keep in front of me, this is where i've called home for the past two years. A spot somewhere in the middle of the mainland, a nowhere in particular owned by two SL and RL friends, good times here.
Earlier in the evening over a glass of wine they casually mentioned they were selling the land, having spent less and less time in world recently and complaining that when they are there it's impossible to find anywhere to get to (surprise, surprise), they decided it's time to go.
I took the news with the humour and congratulations it deserved but it was not until later when I stood staring into the windlight sky with the virtual breeze passing over me that I began to realize how much this fantasy has sunk itself into my mind.
When I first arrived at the land my friends showed me around the keep and all it's floors filled with their personal belongings, but over the months my behaviour changed, I would not enter the keep or cam inside, I tidied up after myself in the garden and I tucked my belongings away where no one could see them.
Somewhere along the journey i'd pulled in these virtual items and this house and built a framework of mental rules to fit around these coloured pixels. It makes me wonder, if at any point we do bring any part of our psyche into lands, avatars and creations then what is it to stand inside part of someone else...what do we bring away from that?

Anyway, perhaps i'm just a melancholy fool, contemplating my future and where i'm going to settle but sometimes it's so good to sit back, escape and Teleport Home.