Thursday, 16 April 2009

Window to the Avatar soul, a zero prim SL art display.

The above image is of my Avatars eyes in SL, it's a cliched reference but I needed it to make my point......the past few weeks i've been looking through people's profiles and exploring the Ascii art within, most of it is the usual hearts or neko ears but it got me thinking about what I wanted to communicate through my profile. How to show/tell someone who I am through a few lines of general text.

Squint closely at the above and you'll see the ascii text, click through to my profile and the story begins to unfold....

I ended up hand typing an ascii tree to fill the about me and continued up through the the photo with the beginnings of the tree's branches......

Carry on through to my interests a few lines of a poem appear (why not Haiku's for interests!:)) and hint at the meaning to the piece......

In my 1st life is the branch holding the hidden sapling that glows it's light through the profile and out through the eyes of my av, below is the edge of the tree placing the small home into shadow but looked over by the sapling above.

The story carries on, parts are tucked away throughout SL and come out into prims when they need be.....;)  It could all do with a polish but I wanted to experiment pushing out through the boundaries of communication in SL and what it could do. 

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