Wednesday, 20 May 2009

A sense of scale

Scale in SL is a hard thing to quantify, when you can move so fast and fly there are no real measures by which you might judge the epic of an object or the grand sense of your surroundings. There are a few examples that begin to improve upon this, such as Comet Morigi's Mt.XXYYZZ (talked about here  on NPIRL) which provides a real boundary by the avatar not being able to reach the object itself which in turn makes you stand back and really look at what's there in front of you.
Anyway, i'm still painting by numbers in/out world and so i've started looking over what i've created to try and gain a scale of what i'm trying to achieve. I've recently been creating a few pieces that are on the large side (300ft upwards) such as this worm garden:

It's still not what i'm looking for, I need a real awe moment, when you come across something fantastical for the first time and you can't quite get your eyes and head around whats in front of you, but then again in a world where anything is possible where is the TRULY fantastical?
Well, this has crossed over to RL as well almost in the reverse, subconsciously I revert my sense of scale to deal with the larger issues. When faced with grand decisions and dead ends where do you go? Into myself and Fimo apparently:

A sense of scale can be subjective really wherever you are, when boundaries are put up and the world gets a little smaller where does the scale slide?



    check this out...:))

  2. Ah, nice! Really makes me wonder why I didn't do that before James May!.
    I was bouncing around the idea of doing limited edition SL plants/trees/flowers and selling them along with their RL miniature counterparts....